Technical Writer, BYU Office of IT

Y-Time Knowledge Base Articles

One of my projects at the BYU Office of IT was to update knowledge base articles for Y-Time, which student and staff employees use to track their work by clocking in and out. I worked with the product owner, payroll office, and helpdesk agents to extensively revamp documentation, some of which hadn’t been updated since the product launched in 2011.

BYU Domains Videos

I researched and wrote YouTube video scripts for BYU Domains, a free service that allows students to create and maintain their own websites. I also helped edit and expand help articles in the BYU Domains Wiki.

Cloud Website

I collaborated with the Cloud Team, UX team, and stakeholders across campus to plan the site map and write website copy for the Cloud Team’s new website.

UX Survey

I worked closely with the UX team to conduct surveys around campus to gather data on user experience. In one survey, I gathered data about students’ opinions, awareness, and preferences relating to IT services after the first two weeks of the semester.